Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Perfect Age For a Check-Up

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A lot of people relate braces to adolescence, but did you know that children should really be seen by an Orthodontist as early as age seven for an evaluation?

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends that all children have a check-up with an orthodontist by the time they reach age 7, for early detection of any potential problems.

We know seven may sound too early to be thinking about braces, but it is recommended. Early diagnosis and treatment by Dr. Wadhwa can help guide facial development and tooth eruption, thereby preventing more serious problems from occurring later in your child's life. And treating children during these early growth stages allows Dr. Wadhwa to achieve results that may not be possible once facial bones have fully developed.

A check-up may reveal that your child’s bite is fine or it may determine that early treatment is needed to intercept more serious problems from developing. Dr. Wadhwa can detect subtle problems with jaw growth and emerging teeth while some baby teeth are still present. While your child’s teeth may appear to be straight, there could be a problem that only Dr. Wadhwa can detect.

Through an early orthodontic evaluation, you will be giving your child the best opportunity for a beautiful, healthy smile.

We were selected by the readers of New Jersey Family as on of their Favorite Kids' Docs. We are extremely honored to receive this recognition for our dedication to the oral health of children. If you have a child that has just turned 7 or even if your child is older than 7, if you think your child may have a oral problem contact us today. 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Back To School Safety

The kids are settled back into and that means it’s time for extracurricular activities. When involved in extracurricular activities that are physical you need to protect yourself, especially your teeth.

Sports-related dental injuries are reported to be the cause of over 600,000 emergency rooms visits per year. We advise taking extra pre-caution to protect  your child's teeth, during orthodontic treatment. You can take pre-caution by wearing a mouth guard to protect your teeth. A mouth guard is a device that is used to protect your mouth from injury when you are participating in sporting activity. The use of a mouth guard is especially important to orthodontic patients.

Types of dental injuries that can occur without a mouth guard:

Fracture: Broken tooth or chipped tooth.
Avulsion: Entire tooth knocked out from the root.
Luxation: tooth mispositioned in socket.

A mouth guard can help prevent injury to the teeth, mouth and even jaw. Mouth guards are made of flexible material that is fitted to protect your upper and lower teeth. You can buy a standard mouth guard or get a custom guard made. The right fit mouth guard will act as cushions protecting your mouth from hits and preventing serious injury. The best mouth guards are for the right fit are custom mouth guards. We are a TekFit Sports Mouth Guard providers and we have the technology to make sure your mouth guard is perfect for you.

Without a mouth guard injury can result in permanent damage. While involved with any physical activity under orthodontic treatment consult with us for the choosing the best mouth guard for you. Please contact our office to schedule your appointment for an oral scan to fabricate your custom fit mouth guard.