Wednesday, January 27, 2016

If You Have Overcrowded Teeth, You're a Candidate For Orthodontic Treatment

One of the most common problems several of our patients get treated for at Morristown Orthodontics is crowded teeth. We actually see this problem on a daily basis, and this term is defined just like it sounds, either the teeth are too big for the patients jaw size, or the mouth has too many teeth and is overcrowded. The problem with too many teeth in the mouth is the lack of space, as the teeth are shifted out of place resulting in a crooked position. Unfortunately, this can occur in both adult orthodontic patients as well as children.


It is pretty easy for us to determine this problem for our patients as an examination of the patients’ mouth can lead to a diagnoses. The teeth typically appear crooked and jammed in an unnatural way, causing teeth that can lead to future dental problems because they’re harder to clean. Another result of crowded teeth is the obvious fact of a smile that may not be considered cosmetically appealing and can lead to self-consciousness.

Depending on the severity of the overcrowded teeth, Dr. Wadhwa can determine which method of treatment will work best. Sometimes having excess teeth extracted helps with expansion of teeth. Other times, palate expanders are used in the mouth to help widen the jaw; this method is only used on children, not adults; their jaws have already stopped growing. Also, several types of braces give amazing results for adults and children with overcrowded teeth. It all really comes down to the individual being treated when we determine how to correct the crowding.

If you suffer from this condition and live in the South Orange or Morristown area, please call us to schedule a consultation to learn about your orthodontic treatment options.

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