Wednesday, February 10, 2016

SmartClip Braces

Smart Clip braces are different than traditional braces in several ways. For one, they don't use ligatures to hold the archwire because they're self-ligating. Instead of elastic bands, Smart Clip braces use small metal clips to hold the archwire into the bracket. Concerned with not getting the colorful braces look you want? Don't worry you can still have colored elastic bands, if that's what you're looking for.

What is Smart Clip?

With these appliances, ligatures are no longer needed. Ligatures are the rubber bands and wire ties that we attach the wires to the brackets. When using rubber bands and wire ties, it is much harder for patients to keep their appliances clean. With Smart Clip, patients have the ability to keep their teeth and gums healthier. Also, tooth movement is more efficient and the patient requires fewer visits to the orthodontist's office.

How does this benefit me or my child?

With this technology, appointments are only needed every eight weeks, while treatment may last about 18 months. Traditional appliances require the use of rubber bands which are called ligatures to attach the archwire in place. When these ligatures are used, they stretch, discolor and trap food, requiring the orthodontist to change them more frequently. Smart Clip brackets have two metal clips to secure the archwire in place, thus eliminating the need for elastics, and reducing your need for appointments to roughly every eight weeks.

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