Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Clarity Braces Offered At Morristown Orthodontics

Clarity braces are an aesthetic alternative for Morristown Orthodontic patients who want to keep their appearance appealing during treatment. Although Clarity braces work similarly to metal braces, using brackets and wires, their construction involves ceramic that is less visible compared to the metal associated with conventional braces. Because Clarity braces are also more resistant to stains from foods and beverages, patients can more easily maintain their looks while their teeth are being corrected with this form of orthodontic treatment from Dr. Wadhwa, our Clarity braces expert.

Clarity braces claim excellent aesthetic value as one of their key advantages over alternative options. However, this treatment also offers superior strength and comfort over other types of braces. For example, patients who choose Clarity braces enjoy increased resistance against breakage due to foods that are cold or hard. In addition, wearers of Clarity braces enjoy more comfort while their teeth are being corrected. If you are interested in Clarity braces, contact Morristown Orthodontics today.

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